Module Overview

Available Modules and how to use them

What is a Module?

Modules enable you to interact with the physical world from within the digital world and vice versa. There are different modules for different purposes.

You can find a list of available modules and some suggested applications on each modules subpage.

The pilot nexus platform offers four slots for modules. You can combine them in any way you need for your project. The configuration of the modules happens automatically and the firmware is built and installed on the fly.

The provided capabilities include:

  • Digital input
  • Digital output
  • Analog input
  • Interaction
  • Physical orientation
  • Location
  • Machine to machine communication
  • Identification
  • Access control
  • .. and many more

Some modules offer different usecases. For example the GSM module can send and receive calls, send SMS and it can be used for internet access over the GSM connection.

The pilot nexus overs a maximum of four concurrent serial connections that are availabe directly in the linux /dev/ devicetree.

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