How to find the right module

Guide to finding the right module for your application

If you need to connect switches you would use an Digital Input Module, if you need to connect motors, lights or relays, you would use an Digital Output Module. There are many other modules like Analog Modules to connect to sensors that output an analog value like thermostats or moisture sensors, serial modules to connect to devices or machines that use serial protocols like RS-232 or RS-485. And there are more special purpose modules like a GPS module or a 2G module to connect to a cellular network and send SMS for example.


How to connect a pushbutton or a switch


How to control lights


How to run motors


How to get a sensor value


How to control relays

Pneumatic Cylinders

How to control a pneumatic cylinder


How to read the position of a potentiometer

Communication to other machines

How to communicate to other machines

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