4 Inputs, 4 Outputs, 4 Buttons, 8 Leds

This board is the Demomodule that comes with your pilot motherboard for evaluation purposes. It features 4 Buttons, 8 Leds and a pinheader with 10 pins (+5V,GND, 4 input, 4 output)

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  • Demoboard for the pilot nexus to evaluate basic functionality
  • Blink up to 8 LEDs
  • Drive small motors
  • Switch small relays
  • Read 4 buttons
  • Read 4 input pins
  • Drive 4 output pins


  • 5v Input internal provided voltage
  • 100 mA output current capability per pin
  • 8 Leds for status indication
  • Size: 36.6mm x 29.8mm (1.441in x 1.173in)



Click on a Pin to show the description.

Example usecases

Check out the subpages on the lefthand menu for examples on what can be done with this module.

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